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Virtual MRI

Running VMRI
MRI Einführung







Hardware and software requirements

The virtual magnetic resonance scanner (virtual MR) is programmed in pure Java. Therefore, the program runs on every computer a Java virtual machine or Java Runtime Environment (JRE), version 1.3 or higher, is installed on.

To perform the extensive calculations of the simulation within an acceptable time a Pentium II processor with a clock speed of 400 MHz and a random access memory (RAM) of 128 MB has to be available under Windows and Linux i386 at least. The system excellently runs on a Pentium III processor with 500 MHz and 256 MB. For a better performance a large amount of RAM is more important than a faster processor.

For the hard disk space 1 MB is sufficient.

If you want directly to start the program from a CD the CD-ROM drive has to be able to read the CD with speed 20X at least.



The first step is to install the JRE on your system. It may be obtained from SUN Microsystems for different operating systems at http://java.sun.com/j2se/ free of charge.

As the second step unpack the archive-file of the distribution into your hard disk.


MacOS 9.x

These operating systems includes a JRE 1.1.8.  Therfore it is not possible to run the Virtual MR.



A JRE 1.3 is already installed by default. Please refere to the documentation Developing Java Applications on Mac OS X: An Introduction (pdf) (http://developer.apple.com/java/) to learn, how to run the Virtual MR on such a systems.


Starting the Program

Under Windows OS double-click on the batch file vmrt.bat to start the Virtual MR using the default language of your system, or the english version, if a localized version is not available.

To run a different, localized version use the batchfiles  vmrt_en.bat, vmrt_de.bat or vmrt_ee.bat for the english, german or estonian version.


User Manual

Download the PDF formatted user manual at http://sourceforge.net/projects/vmri/ .

Please follow the link to "Virtual MR scanner" .



You can download the software for free at http://sourceforge.net/projects/vmri/ .

Please follow the link to "Virtual MR scanner" .



The software is distributed under the GPL license.